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General Dentistry

Orthodontics (Braces )


Orthodontics (Braces )

Orthodontics, also known as braces, deals with repositioning the teeth and parts of the jaws bone to enhance the aesthetic look of the mouth. In most cases, Orthodontics is not only practiced to improve looks, but also to adjust the functional relations of the teeth and bones, such as chewing, breathing, and better jaws articulating position.

Invisible braces, Invisalign

This type of braces is applied through night guards, 18 to 30 clear removable aligners that move the teeth to the required direction.
• Totally transparent
• Comfortable
• Non-irritating
• Can be temporary removed for few hours a day


Metal braces, traditional

This is the most common braces and is applied in majority of cases.
• Affordable
• Most effective
• Can be applied on simple and difficult cases

Ceramic braces (tooth colored braces):

Inspired by its components, ceramic braces is made of ceramic and resin.
• Both braces and wires come in various colors, hence become less noticeable
• Visually appealing (aesthetic)


Lingual braces, Incognito

Lingual braces is made of metal or gold alloys and is usually applied on the inner side of the teeth.
Hidden away from sight
Visually appealing (aesthetic)