The Dental House | Crowns and bridges
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General Dentistry

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are an excellent treatment for heavily damaged teeth, severe cavities, missing teeth or past root canal treatments.
Crowns and bridges are made from a combination of metal alloys covered with ceramic, however, most of current crowns and bridges are made from metal free zirconium oxides or aluminum oxides.
Metal free zirconium oxides are currently used for the following reasons:
• Natural look: They have the same transparency degree as natural teeth, hence better aesthetic look
• Preserving gum line: With no black darkness, the metallic free material fits perfectly with the tooth
• Stability and long lasting effect: Designed using a computer software, metal free zirconium oxides crowns and bridges are placed perfectly and can last for longer periods
• Compatibility and functionality: They are more abrasive and may wear the natural enamel of the opposing teeth, hence preserving the eating and chewing mechanisms